Warbirds in Jay Leno's Garage

Photo by NBC Studio, Inc.

Jay Leno is an avid car collector and mechanic, and he can afford to have one of the world’s great collections of classic cars and motorcycles. Fortunately, the collection is showcased on a website called Jay Leno’s Garage. You could spend many hours exploring this virtual garage full of videos, photos, and articles.

Leno recently started a series of videos about classic aircraft. The first two videos feature a P-51C Mustang and a B-24 Liberator. It is obvious that Leno appreciates these airplanes. He doesn’t own them (both are maintained by the Collings Foundation) but Leno proudly points out that one of his cars has a Merlin engine. That’s another story.

If you share Leno’s passion for “anything that rolls, explodes, and makes noise” then you’ll want to visit his website. And stay tuned for more classic aircraft videos.

Dave W.


planecrazy said...

Jay Leno's "collection" - Now THERE'S a guy who knows how to spend his money! And lots of it! The videos of the airplanes are interesting, but his real passion is his old cars, especially steam-powered ones. If you go to his website, after you watch the two airplane videos (priorities, after all!), be sure and go to at least one or two of his car videos. I would suggest one of the steam powered ones, or perhaps one of the Hudson Hornet ones, or maybe even one of the Dusenberg ones. Try not to be TOO annoyed by the fact that you will be seeing the SAME 30 sec. Buick sponsor ad video, featuring Tiger Woods using paint ball "golf balls" to create a "painting" (?!), before EACH video!

I couldn't find a video featuring his "Merlin powered" car, but I did find one featuring a custom-built car called the "Tank" car, because it is powered by an old modified Allison V-12 Patton tank engine! Worth seeing! Mind boggling!


dave W. said...

This is off the subject of airplanes, but I recommend the video of the Ducati Desmosedici. Seeing Leno race down the highway yelling "I'm not worthy!" is the funniest thing I've seen since Borat.