In the Blue

This was a nice day to be outdoors in the North Bay. We had blue skies, warm dry air, and fairly good conditions for flying. Intermittent wind was a factor, shifting over the course of the morning from North to South. But we had calm air and thermals too. Really a nice day.

Waiting for the wind to let up, we looked at model airplane photos in George's scrapbook.

Mike shows his dime scale Spitfire, which has acquired camouflage since our last meeting.

Ding with his Gollywock

Brian sets the DT on his Moth. Good thing too, because this model climbs fast and then floats from thermal to thermal.

George with his Fairey Battle in target towing colors. It is a good flyer and highly visible with sun shining through the yellow tissue.

Ding launches a P-30.

I've been re-trimming my Island Flyer after upgrading the DT and nose block. It's coming along.

My Dachshund, Willie, helped me track down the Island Flyer today, much to my surprise. Most of the time he sits in the shade, or hangs out with the other dogs, or wanders around the parked cars looking for food.

Dave W.

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planecrazy said...

Dave- Nice pics!! I especially like your "chase assistant" - Willie!