Virgin Galactic Unveils Mothership

Photo by Virgin Galactic

Aerospace enthusiasts take note. Virgin Galactic just rolled out its new delivery vehicle, White Knight Two. The all composite, twin bodied, four engine jet designed by Burt Rutan's Scaled Composites is expected to launch tourists into space aboard the much anticipated SpaceShip Two. This story is getting a lot of press right now (do a Google search and take your pick). There is a good write up on Wired.

I guess it won't be long before we see a flying scale model of White Knight Two. I'm no model designer, but it seems this could be a subject for free flight or R/C. Maybe a PSS model? I wouldn't be surprised to see an ARF with ducted fans. Personally I'd like to see Chris Starleaf tackle this one. Rapiers!

To commemorate this exciting moment in aviation history, I am giving a name to my ‘mothership,’ the Honda CB600F that delivers model airplanes from San Francisco to Marin County and beyond.

Mothership: 'Black Knight'

What did you expect? Dark Knight was taken already.

Dave W.

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flyin_brian said...

Wow, that thing is tripped out lookin.
Seems like the stress on the wing center section would be ENORMOUS!