Planet Sweet

Here are some more great pics from Dave Wingate.

Despite his attempt to remain incognito I can reveal that this is Jerry L with his Waterman Gosling - the "Mercury 2". It was apparently scaled up from smaller plans to a size that would accommodate the Italian Z compressed air motor - a predecessor of the ubiquitous Air Hog.

Unfortunately - at least on this day a few weeks ago, the Z was not giving enough power - worn piston rings I would venture - and it is possible that the Gosling may never fledge.

I would be willing to offer my renowned crunching abilities . . . . .

I mean, what's sauce for the goose is ...


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planecrazy said...

No, no, no! It doesn't need a scrunching! It just needs for someone on the bridge to call down to Scotty in the engine room for "more power"!! (Ref. "Star Trek"). Such a good layout is BOUND to make a good flying model, IF you give it enough POWER!

Captain Kirk (er, ah, Kermit)