Thank you - I think!

The Skyshark lives - by a vote of 13 to 9, although I suspect jiggery pokery votery (now where does that one come from Kermit or Ed?)
Here's a pic of it when in better condition. Come to think of it, I was in better condition too.

Lakeville looks good too, and tomorrow is the second Sunday in the month, so smart people from around the bay area - all seven or eight of us - will be flocking there to fly our zero emissions recession beating creations, while the RC boys will be running the AC instead of recharging their batteries. We are flexing our power when jocund day stands tiptoe on the misty mountain tops. Beat that!


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planecrazy said...

So the Skyshark lives, eh? I had suspected that Tom might have decided to pull a "hanging chad" accusation or something on us and just scrunch it anyway!

I have heard the phrase "jiggery pokery" before, but I haven't the FOGGIEST where the h*** it comes from! I suspect from somewhere in Tom's British roots! I just looked it up in a couple of online dictionaries and it appears to mean an underhanded trick, and it seems to have come the Scots. Go figure! As for "jocund", it appears to mean "lighthearted" or something like that and comes from "Middle English" - figures! "Beat that"? I wouldn't dast try!!

Laddie Kermit