Hung at FAC Nats

Michael J. Heinrich provided this rare photograph and commentary from last week's FAC Nats in Geneseo, New York:

Photos are starting to emerge. Here's one of a tragedy from Thursday evening, as Greg West is visited by Hung; who demands his BOK-5 as sacrifice. You don't see things like this just everywhere, I tell you that much.

If you've been around this hobby for a while, then you probably know Hung is the god of lost free flight models. A more prosaic definition would be to say that Hung is the personification of natural forces (such as thermals) that make free flight models go out of sight. But who wants prosaic definitions? As free flight modelers in the 21st Century we seek that which is unusual, anachronistic, and quirky. Hung is one of our collective idiosyncrasies.

Dave W.


planecrazy said...
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Dave W. said...

When I told Michael that I wanted to post his photo on the MAC blog, this was his reply:

Hey, delighted! Just make sure to mention Greg West & the particulars.
Greg's response was, "so who's Hung's buddy who beats models down in launch, blows motors, makes me push my thumb through wings..." I think there really is such a spirit, now you mention it: Hung's sessile brother, Sunk. I'm doing what I can to popularize him.