Just Right

Yesterday was just right. Not a regularly scheduled MAC meeting, but some of us were at Lakeville anyway taking advantage of near perfect conditions. It was the kind of day that makes you feel good to be outdoors. The kind of calm, sunny day we've been missing for most of the summer.

My new dime scale P-51B was ready for its first powered test flights. Long story short: it flies! Thanks to everyone who helped with trimming: Dave K, Jerry, Phobe, Tom, Gale, and Ray. We experimented with different rubber motors, moved the CG around, shimmed the nose block, put a tab on the wing...and there's still more trimming to be done.

Ray's new Senator features the German colors of red, black, and gold. He says it wasn't by design, he was just using up scrap tissue! Anyway, the plane looks good. It flies good, too.

I'm sure that some of our readers recognize the character on the fin:

Senator Jack S. Phogbound from Li'l Abner.

This is Jimmie Allen on steroids. Gale doubled the size of the Jimmie Allen BA Parasol, from 24 to 48 inches, keeping all of the outlines intact but modifying the structure for a stronger airframe. This model is covered with medium-weight silkspan.

Gale launches the big parasol. This one has a mind of its own, being a good flyer but unpredictable. Yesterday, this plane hit a car being driven by a SAM 27 member in the parking lot. Gale's plane was undamaged. The car might be in the body shop for a few days.


Name the Plane

This month's Mystery Plane is really special. Some clues to make guessing easier:
1. Plane resembles an Airstream trailer with radial engine and wings tacked on.

2. Parked in the pavilion between Terminals 1 and 2 at the Munich airport.

3. Currywurst, French fries, and beer served at take-out window.

Okay, it's not really an airplane. It's Smokey Joe's Cafe. Cut me some slack.

I just spent two great weeks in Germany visiting my cousins. Unfortunately I've missed a lot of flying this summer, so I decided to drop in at SAM 27's regular Thursday meeting this morning.

My new dime scale P-51 barely got off the ground before something broke (the brass tube inside my hand-carved prop is loose, don't ask me why) but I had a good time and took a few pictures.

George with his new enlarged Pfalz Canard. The fantasy flyer is doing nice, big circles.

Rod and George prepare to launch.

Jerry's SNJ Texan

Jay was flying an Earl Stahl design, the Weight Rule.

Tom surely would have lost his new Jimmie Allen Special today if not for the pop-up wing DT. This little plane flew so high it was practically invisible.

Tom's Ta-152

This should be the Mystery Plane. I'm afraid I don't know the name of the model or the gentleman flying it. This is an interesting design and a sharp looking model, too.


Memory Lane

Here are a couple of pictures of my dad taken in the fifties. I'm not sure what the models were. One is at a competition for general modeling and the other was taken at Sutton Park to the SE of Birmingham (England). Both airplanes are freeflight. Thanks to Brian for the great pics and video. Tom W


July indoor session / windbreak

July's gym meeting saw some new faces. A big welcome to newcomers, and a warm welcome back for returning flyers.
The recently relentless winds made us especially grateful for our indoor venue.
Here are the minutes from our last meeting:

(click on any pic, for a better view)

Jay brought a couple of really nice models...
A very competitive looking Lacey M10.

Also, a neatly camouflaged Auster.

Unfortunately, its tail was knocked off during trimming flights.

George was flying his venerable veteran DH Puss Moth, which has more than a few flights on it.
Here he describes the details:

Another rendition of the ubiquitous Baxter Akro,
this one by Ed; a past MACster, returning to the hobby.

Kermit's Born Loser using every inch of available airspace.
It regularly turns in impressive flight times.

Mike put up a few flights with his Bostonian Fat Cat.

And heres a pic of Mike's Peck ROG,
embellished with M&Ms.
When asked by his daughter if it was a peanut,
he replied
"nope... its a plain"

Tom was there, but didnt do any flying...
he was busy polishing the huge trophy he won at
the recent SAM rubber contest.