July indoor session / windbreak

July's gym meeting saw some new faces. A big welcome to newcomers, and a warm welcome back for returning flyers.
The recently relentless winds made us especially grateful for our indoor venue.
Here are the minutes from our last meeting:

(click on any pic, for a better view)

Jay brought a couple of really nice models...
A very competitive looking Lacey M10.

Also, a neatly camouflaged Auster.

Unfortunately, its tail was knocked off during trimming flights.

George was flying his venerable veteran DH Puss Moth, which has more than a few flights on it.
Here he describes the details:

Another rendition of the ubiquitous Baxter Akro,
this one by Ed; a past MACster, returning to the hobby.

Kermit's Born Loser using every inch of available airspace.
It regularly turns in impressive flight times.

Mike put up a few flights with his Bostonian Fat Cat.

And heres a pic of Mike's Peck ROG,
embellished with M&Ms.
When asked by his daughter if it was a peanut,
he replied
"nope... its a plain"

Tom was there, but didnt do any flying...
he was busy polishing the huge trophy he won at
the recent SAM rubber contest.

1 comment:

Dave W said...

It was a good meeting. We are lucky to have an indoor venue and a nice group of people who like to build and fly these amazing model airplanes.

I've learned some interesting things at our meetings. For example, the story George tells in the Puss Moth video: How he grew up in England during World War II, got war reports from the radio and placed little flags (like the Union Jack on the tail of the Puss Moth) on a map to keep track of troop movements. Great stuff!

Brian, thanks for the excellent report.