Show and Tell

The monthly indoor meeting at St. Vincent's on Sunday was well attended. Flying conditions were perfect, a nice change considering how windy it's been lately over at Lakeville. One of the highlights of this day was seeing Kermit's new project, a radio control pterodactyl. That's a flying dinosaur -- but you already knew that, didn't you?

This is not the type of model that we fly in the Marin Aero Club (we focus on free flight) but some of us are into a variety of model types. Kermit has flown most every kind of model airplane, and if you don't believe me just look in the back of his van. He decided to build this unique aircraft after seeing it in the Real Flight simulator on his computer. The twin electric model is available as a laser cut kit from Marsten PteroWorks.

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planecrazy said...

Those interested in the Pterodactyl should go to www.pteroworks.com. The models there were designed and are kitted by Ron Marston of Reno, NV.
The Pterodactyl flies quite well and pretty easily on my Real Flight G4.5 simulator, but it does LOOK rather strange!