If you come to a Marin Aero Club meeting you'll see a wide range of aircraft types. One of the most distinctive designs is George's peanut scale Fike Model E, a 1970s era light plane with a wing chord that seems to cover half the fuselage.

George explains how he rebuilt and repaired his Fike during our winter hiatus:
The Fike flew well until its flight path coincided with the steel uprights at the end of the benches in the gym, resulting in the necessity of building a new wing or scrapping the plane as the wing was beyond repair. As is often the case, further damage was evident so I built a new wing, stab. and fin. The fuselage was repaired but a new one could have been built in the time I spent patching and fiddling. Trimming has started, not helped by wing warping from a ride in a hot car to St. V. which shrunk the tissue further.

Fike as originally built, circa 1990

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