Dave K Wins Another One

Winners of the 2010 "G" Challenge were announced yesterday. In the words of contest director Howard Littman, "Dave Krinard flew away with the flying prize" with his Guillows 500 Series FW-190. This was Dave's first entry in the annual postal contest since 2007, when he won first prize overall with his 500 Series Hellcat.

If you're not familiar with the "G" Challenge, the object is to build a Guillows model from a designated series of kits. Builders are required to use kit wood, but pieces may be cut or sanded to save weight, provided the outlines remain intact. This year, prizes were given for flying, speed dash, and appearance. For more information see the Guillows "G" Challenge Yahoo Group.


How To Build Your Own Airplane

I found this video on another blog, The Building Board, and thought it was worth re-posting here. This is about constructing a full scale airplane, but many of the same principles apply to model building.


Field Trip

Sunday was mostly a bust because of the wind, but we did manage a few flights. There's a picture below of Jerry & Phobi with Heinkel and Jimmie Allen yellowjacket, and of a beautiful bi-plane that someone is sure to identify.

Some of us headed over to Schellville to enjoy the open day and an opportunity to browse the hangar - pics below.

The military plane at the bottom is a Broussard MH 1521. We agreed that it would make a great build. George has subsequently obtained a plan for a peanut version from Bill Hannan, and we think it would make the perfect scale contest build to kick off the 2011 season.

Copies will be available soon - please let us know if you'd like a copy.


Ahh, the good ole days

Pre-sanded balsa, what a luxury!