Ed Solenburger RIP

Ed Solenburger could be a charming, grouchy, comic, know-it-all, Ebay addicted, smart guy - just like the rest of us, but above all he was a committed model airplane builder and flyer.

Power, freeflight, indoor, RC, outdoor rubber and a lot more, from penny planes and peanuts to Jimmie Allens and Gollywocks.

He was generous with advice on occasions, and always generous with plans and materials and kits and rubber and pretty much anything else you might have needed from his vast collection.

When Ed was already older than most of us, he made sure that Earl Hoffman, (who was as old as god) was picked up, and brought to Lakeville to fly those last few times. Ed wound the motors and hung on to Earl's waistband while he launched in case propwash blew him down, and they cursed each other the way only friends can.

Thank you for your support Ed, and thanks for the red tissue, the prop blanks and the freewheeler, and maybe one day we'll finally tie our rubber motors the way you tried to teach us.

Fly on!

Your friends at Marin Aero.