May Indoor Meeting

Ed's 2010 Science Olympiad model

Tom's Pussycat

Mike's just-finished Supermarine Sparrow built from the Diels kit

Another new model: Jim's One Nite 16

A view from the bleachers

Please don't sit here

Ding's box of AMA Darts

Tech Talk: Mike displays the adjustable wire thrust bearing from his new Sparrow

Some of George's models

My Celtic ended up on the hoop, which seems only fitting

Eduardo's father (second from left) and mother (next to Eduardo) are visting from Chile

Eduardo's father is a free flight enthusiast, too. This is his self-built winder.

Ray looking at the fantastic photography in a book Tom brought, Ghosts of the Skies by Philip Makanna

Tom's dime scale BA Eagle

Mike winds his no-cal Bronco, Jim prepares his Prairie Bird, Marco supervises


Where were you?

Well I went to Lakeville. more to met Ed than with any hope of flying. And of course it was blowing and then raining. We didn't realize until it was too late that there had been enough rain to turn the parking area sticky.

We left without creating a mess, but not before Ed was wet and frozen, and Jim discovered that every step was building up half an inch of clay on his soles.