Here's a link to the P 40



I was returning from Novato this morning (having swapped Ray Bazurto a prop blank for the Zero canopy). As I turned off 137 at Sears Point a P-40 roared overhead. It circled and dived around the Carneros area and shortly after I pulled up at Schellville airport It landed and taxied right up to the parking lot.

It is in olive drab with 1944 markings - exquisite.

I've since found that it flew for the first time a month ago after owner Chris Prevost had completed 10,000 hours of rebuilding work. It was found in Australia in the seventies and partially restored in New Zealand.

What's remarkable is that its original South Pacific pilot, 90 year old Ray Melikian, lives in Visalia, and has been offered a free ride in the P-40 by Chris Prevost, who installed a second set of controls and a jump seat behind the pilot's seat.

If this hasn't already happened, I'd sure like to be there - it would be a special moment.


Update From Team K

Dave and Tyler K. are busy working on these projects. These guys are like our own Skunk Works, showing up with amazing new models every month, or so it seems.

Speaking of Lockheed, here is Tyler's P-38 ready for covering. Nice set of bones!

Dave is well along with the covering of his Lidberg TA152H and Golden Age Reproductions P-47. We can expect to see all three of these warbirds hunting thermals in the near future.


Dime scale

The so-called "dime scale" kits of the 1930s and into the 1940s introduced flying scale models to countless youths. Usually around 12 to 16 inch wingspans, the dime-scales were cleverly designed to be frugal with material yet follow the general outlines of a particular full-scale airplane. Obviously priced at ten-cents, these models were manufactured in huge quantities and were one of the few hobby items that a financially starved youth could become involved with for a mere dime. A number of kit manufacturers had dime-scales in their product line, including Comet and Megow.

MAC is in the midst of a Dime scale build for a friendly competition planned for spring. Stay tuned, pictures will be posted.



Winter Building Season is officially open in Nor Cal now that the rains have finally started. Here are a couple of projects on MAC building boards:

Ray is building a Senator for the postal contest.

I am building an SE5a from the DPC Models kit.

What's on your building board? Show us what you got! You can email pictures here and we'll post them on the blog.

Dave W.


K2 Follow Up

When I posted the K2 video recently, I incorrectly credited the video to Cedric de la Nougerede, our friend in the Crawley and District Model Aircraft Club. In fact, the video was made and posted on YouTube by Alex Cameron.

Cedric provided us with these nice pictures and descriptions from the K2 meeting:

One of the models at the K2 meeting was a Pistachio Grumman Tigercat by Peter Smart. It had been flown rubber powered but has been converted to electric RC (just motor and rudder) by Terry Adams.

Peter Smart makes the most beautiful models, including the Wright Flyer and Albatros W4 seen flying in the K2 video.


Guillows save the day

I know, I've said a lot of bad things about Guillows kits in the past. About how you can use a belt sander on them and they fly like lead balloons.

It turns out, of course, that Guillows has the canopy for a Zero - and it's exactly the right size for my model - for $3 rather than a Porsche.

So I would like to draw your attention to the fine range of, shall we say "rugged" scale model kits marketed by Guillows.

I was lying about the Porsche.



Help, I need somebody. Help, not just anybody.

The P 47 is finished, and the Zero is too - apart from a canopy. With 27" wingspan, the canopy is around 6.5" long. I haven't located one of this size yet, so if anyone can hook me up, I'm willing to swap the canopy for my Porsche.



Nick Kelez 1941-2009

The modeling community has lost one of its greats. Nick passed away on Sunday, at age 68. His skills and craftsmanship were well known to members of SAM27 and MAC. He was always glad to help others with a bit of advice, or share a story from his wealth of experience. The man was a walking encyclopedia of aviation history, and a really nice guy. He will be sorely missed.


K2 Leisure Centre

Free flight model aircraft at a fun fly/competition meeting at the K2 Leisure Centre in Crawley, England, 1 Feb 2009. Video by Alex Cameron of the Crawley and District Model Aircraft Club.


Spring has sprung

Nip and a punch, first of the month, no returns.

It was the best of times on Sunday February 1, 2009 AO. A few hardy souls braved the calm, balmy, cloudless morning. California - it's why we're here - why we will always be in the top two in the Jimmie Allen contest.

And for a few weeks at most we will have the fabled long grass. Right now it's a bit short, but safe.

Checkout Brian's trunk. Every model trimmed perfectly, and in perfect repair. Brian flew the Senator with the big blue prop - vertical take off.

Dave flew all sorts of beautiful Peanuts and Tyler the SE5. The Hurricane now sports Russian markings, and though it climbs out steadily, when the winds come off it becomes unpredictable.

Ray has refurbished the P30.

I've almost finished the P47. 70g without rubber.


SAM 27 Antique Flyer

Ding and his Fokker D.VII in this month's Antique Flyer

Many of us in Marin Aero Club also belong to SAM 27 (our local chapter of the Society of Antique Modelers) and as members we receive SAM 27's fine newsletter, Antique Flyer, six times a year.

Jimmy Walker is the new editor of Antique Flyer. He produced the two most recent issues, and is clearly putting a lot into it. The newsletter is looking better than ever. If you want to see for yourself, the January/February 2009 issue of Antique Flyer is available to view or download here.