Dime scale

The so-called "dime scale" kits of the 1930s and into the 1940s introduced flying scale models to countless youths. Usually around 12 to 16 inch wingspans, the dime-scales were cleverly designed to be frugal with material yet follow the general outlines of a particular full-scale airplane. Obviously priced at ten-cents, these models were manufactured in huge quantities and were one of the few hobby items that a financially starved youth could become involved with for a mere dime. A number of kit manufacturers had dime-scales in their product line, including Comet and Megow.

MAC is in the midst of a Dime scale build for a friendly competition planned for spring. Stay tuned, pictures will be posted.

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Dave said...

Seeing these old posters reminds me not only that building model airplanes was more popular in the 1930s than now, but also that local hobby shops were much more common in those days. There aren't many retailers left where you could put signs saying "Your Comet Dealer" or "Authorized Dealer for Megow's" even if those companies still existed.