K2 Leisure Centre

Free flight model aircraft at a fun fly/competition meeting at the K2 Leisure Centre in Crawley, England, 1 Feb 2009. Video by Alex Cameron of the Crawley and District Model Aircraft Club.


planecrazy said...

Neat stuff! I especially like the opening shot of a very good-flying rubber-powered indoor ff autogyro - I'm green with envy, as my efforts at that type of model have not been very successful! Nice shots also of a couple of mass lauches - one apparently of the RTF "Butterfly" (and/or its newer successor - the "Firefly") and the other apparently of a bunch of "Hangar Rats". Pretty good handlaunched gliders as well. And the last shot of the catapult-launched Wright Flyer! Cool!


Dave said...

When I saw the autogyro I was thinking of you, Kermit.

There is indeed a lot of neat stuff in this video. What a great venue they have, and a good crowd of modelers too. I would like to drop in on this group the next time I'm in England.

As a reminder, Cedric (who posted this video on YouTube) is the fellow responsible for the Harry Potter model posted on this blog last Halloween.

Dave said...


This video was created and posted on YouTube by Alex Cameron, not by Cedric as previously reported. The error has been edited/corrected in the main post. I am sorry for the confusion.

Dave W.