Spring has sprung

Nip and a punch, first of the month, no returns.

It was the best of times on Sunday February 1, 2009 AO. A few hardy souls braved the calm, balmy, cloudless morning. California - it's why we're here - why we will always be in the top two in the Jimmie Allen contest.

And for a few weeks at most we will have the fabled long grass. Right now it's a bit short, but safe.

Checkout Brian's trunk. Every model trimmed perfectly, and in perfect repair. Brian flew the Senator with the big blue prop - vertical take off.

Dave flew all sorts of beautiful Peanuts and Tyler the SE5. The Hurricane now sports Russian markings, and though it climbs out steadily, when the winds come off it becomes unpredictable.

Ray has refurbished the P30.

I've almost finished the P47. 70g without rubber.



Dave said...

Thanks for the report Tom. You guys took advantage of the dry weather, just in time it seems.

Brian's truck has a couple of planes I don't remember: Looks like a Nesmith Cougar? And what about the yellow/orange one?

Always good to see a Hawker Hurricane, one of my all time favorites. Interesting markings too.

Tom, your razorback looks like a beast! Can't wait to see it fly.

flyin_brian said...

Ahh yes, it was an amazing day...
warm & quite calm, in the middle of winter!
Only in California.

And yes Dave, I did break out my Cougar, and the other plane is my old Peck Prairie Bird...with about 400 flights on it.