Name the Plane

This month's Mystery Plane is really special. Some clues to make guessing easier:
1. Plane resembles an Airstream trailer with radial engine and wings tacked on.

2. Parked in the pavilion between Terminals 1 and 2 at the Munich airport.

3. Currywurst, French fries, and beer served at take-out window.

Okay, it's not really an airplane. It's Smokey Joe's Cafe. Cut me some slack.

I just spent two great weeks in Germany visiting my cousins. Unfortunately I've missed a lot of flying this summer, so I decided to drop in at SAM 27's regular Thursday meeting this morning.

My new dime scale P-51 barely got off the ground before something broke (the brass tube inside my hand-carved prop is loose, don't ask me why) but I had a good time and took a few pictures.

George with his new enlarged Pfalz Canard. The fantasy flyer is doing nice, big circles.

Rod and George prepare to launch.

Jerry's SNJ Texan

Jay was flying an Earl Stahl design, the Weight Rule.

Tom surely would have lost his new Jimmie Allen Special today if not for the pop-up wing DT. This little plane flew so high it was practically invisible.

Tom's Ta-152

This should be the Mystery Plane. I'm afraid I don't know the name of the model or the gentleman flying it. This is an interesting design and a sharp looking model, too.

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Bernard guest said...

looks like a Cleveland Gull.