Just Right

Yesterday was just right. Not a regularly scheduled MAC meeting, but some of us were at Lakeville anyway taking advantage of near perfect conditions. It was the kind of day that makes you feel good to be outdoors. The kind of calm, sunny day we've been missing for most of the summer.

My new dime scale P-51B was ready for its first powered test flights. Long story short: it flies! Thanks to everyone who helped with trimming: Dave K, Jerry, Phobe, Tom, Gale, and Ray. We experimented with different rubber motors, moved the CG around, shimmed the nose block, put a tab on the wing...and there's still more trimming to be done.

Ray's new Senator features the German colors of red, black, and gold. He says it wasn't by design, he was just using up scrap tissue! Anyway, the plane looks good. It flies good, too.

I'm sure that some of our readers recognize the character on the fin:

Senator Jack S. Phogbound from Li'l Abner.

This is Jimmie Allen on steroids. Gale doubled the size of the Jimmie Allen BA Parasol, from 24 to 48 inches, keeping all of the outlines intact but modifying the structure for a stronger airframe. This model is covered with medium-weight silkspan.

Gale launches the big parasol. This one has a mind of its own, being a good flyer but unpredictable. Yesterday, this plane hit a car being driven by a SAM 27 member in the parking lot. Gale's plane was undamaged. The car might be in the body shop for a few days.

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