Red. yellow and bluebird.

Thursday 9/3 was a bust because of the steady wind. A few of us enjoyed some short flights and long walks. Certainly not the conditions for Paul's exquisite JA Bluebird. It's built exactly to the plans and is covered and marked in Paul's unique style - (can someone fill me in on the significance of the numbers?

The master Jerry is explaining something to Paul that is over my head.

Paul has enough of this red and yellow tissue to last at least until the Jimmie Allen Centenary.

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planecrazy said...

I'm guessin' that the # on the right wing is his AMA #. That's where it's required to be displayed on all AMA competition models (or at least it used to be required). Why the left wing says "AMLA" instead of "AMA" I dunno. I believe that there was an organization which preceded the AMA whose abbreviation was "AMLA", perhaps during the Jimmy Allen era, but I'm not sure. Nice model!