SAM 27 Special Rubber Meet

Today's contest at Lakeville was a success by any measure. Attendance was good, competition was friendly, and the weather was perfect. You could not ask for better conditions.

The weather might have been the story of the day. Many of the Lakeville regulars said it was the best flying day of the year. It is hard to argue with temperatures around 80, cloudless skies, calm air and thermals.

Starting at 7:00, an estimated 30 to 40 flyers and spectators showed up, including many MAC members. I did not have any models eligible for this contest (wait until next year!) so instead of flying I took pictures. Unfortunately I left before the end of the contest and don't know the results. If you have this information, please feel free to post it under 'comments' below.

Dave W.

SAM 27 President Mike Clancy with his Thermal Hunter. Mike took lots of pictures that will be posted on the SAM 27 website.

George launches his Senator.

The Gollywock was the most popular design at today's meet. Dave K. had three consecutive maxes with his.

Jay's Moth

Tyler lets the Skokie go.

Tom's Senator

Hey! That's not rubber. This plane flew in the .020 Replica & 1/4 A Nostalgia Combined event.

Ed's P-30

Tom chats with Ed.

P-30 was a popular event today. Here is Ray launching his Souper 30.

George joked that his Fairey Battle, with a wing span just under 30 inches, may qualify as a 'scale P-30.' Today it was a fun flyer.

Another fun flyer, Gale's large pseudo-scale biplane.

There were many competitors in the CLG event.

This F-16 CLG is a fun flyer, not a competitor. The fuselage and tail are balsa, the wing is meat tray foam.

Contests are a good place to exchange ideas. Here is an unusual model, a modified Sparky (the cabin was omitted).

Contest Director's table. Does anyone know who won?

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flyin_brian said...

Looks like you guys had a great time.
I wish I could have made it, but a sore foot had me sidelined all weekend.
Ahh well...next year.