Thanks to all our readers! Freeflight rules! Next - the Olympics!

In the last month "Stick 'n Tissue" has been viewed by people from 28 countries and 42 states. Thank you all so much for your interest.
It's gratifying to know that there are afficionados almost everywhere, even if the figures are adjusted for people looking for firewood and wrapping paper. We can now claim "niche" status.
Surely this must lead to the IOC seriously considering the inclusion of freeflight rubber in the list of official Olympic events. With all due respect to Curling and Synchronized twirling under water, our sport offers infinitely more visual drama. And if you've ever tried to make a Guillows Stuka fly, you'd know that it takes skill at least on a level with crossing your legs in unison or brushing ice.

Anyway, with a little help from places like Burkina Faso, Idaho and the Dakotas, we will soon have the necessary evidence of global ubiquity. Wow.

Tom W

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flyin_brian said...

FF olympics?! Sweeeeeet.
Think I'll try the 400 yard "forgot-the-DT" sprint.
Or maybe the shot-put, since many of my planes have a similar flight pattern.