Jodeling in the Welsh mountains

Photo by Daily Post, Llandudno Junction, Conwy, Wales

A acquaintance of mine just had his second crash landing. Check these links for news story and pics of the Jodel.





planecrazy said...

"Jodeling in the Welsh mountains"?! Is that as in "jodel ay hee who"?! Hee, hee! Small joke. VERY small joke!

Neat airplane (except for the rather "lumpy" cowl!). I've always thought the Jodel (and others like it) represents kind of the essence of homebuilt aviation. Made mostly out of wood and powered by a converted VW auto engine (note the "reversed pitch" prop BTW; a consequence of the auto engine conversion). It makes a nice flying model also. I managed to finagle (look it up!) an old "1/2A sized" Midwest R/C kit for a Jodel at one of the SAM Christmas banquet gift exchanges a couple of years ago. It would make a VERY nice electric R/C conversion I'm sure.

Good stuff, Tom!


Sundance12 said...

My regards to your friends incident, it is good that he is ok. I am sorry to hear that it will dampen his enthusiasm to go flying again. Grass strips always cause grief from time to time and I have a few of my own grass strip flying stories to tell so I can relate. That looks like a neat Jodel D9 and I hope he makes some repairs and gets back in the saddle. Sometimes these events just make us better pilots in the long run.

All my best

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