Summer is here!

Marin Aero Club kicked off the summer flying season with a very pleasant indoor session at St. Vincent's today. The atmosphere in the gym was warm and relaxing. Several planes made their debut at the club, and basically everyone had good flights all day. It was fun, and that's what it's all about.

It was really good to have Ruben and Nick back in the gym after their absence last month. We're glad to have them with us!

Mike with his new model, a reproduction of the Comet Spitfire from Penn Valley Hobby Center. He plans to add finishing touches (wing fillets and decals) when trimming is complete. Mike is well on his way to having a good flyer in this Spitfire.

Kermit brought a collection of catapult launched, folding-wing gliders. Mike is scratch building a model based on this design (which dates back to around 1940) and hopefully we'll see it fly this summer.

Two of Kermit's models: a new Fat Cat (Bostonian) and the XE5. The Fat Cat crashed hard, but it was flying well after field repairs. The XE5 is a consistent flyer, circling just inches under the beams, and Kermit had a couple of personal bests for that plane including one flight of 1:16.

Dave K. with his peanut Fokker Dr.1 Triplane. It is a reproduction of a Lee's Hobbies kit. The all-red color scheme is to replicate a model Dave built when he was a kid. He usually flies this model outside.

Some more of Dave's models were on display.

His outstanding 16" Hellcat won last year's Yahoo Groups Guillow's Challenge.

Earl prepares a motor for his EZB with Ed standing by.

Richard winding his XE5

A braided motor? This is what can happen when someone distracts you while you are winding. Richard's motor is tangled up with a cord from his stooge.

Kermit examines my new Born Loser (Embryo). I worked on the trim all morning with help from Kermit and Mike. Eventually we got it sorted out.

Dave W.


planecrazy said...

Great pics, Dave!!

One minor correction. The blue and white Bostonian of mine is a "Fat Cat". Mike L. built one last year and I was so taken by its looks that I got Mike to make me a copy of his plans. I built it deliberately a bit heavy, and it came out at just over 15g., but a bit noseheavy. I am now contemplating going to a lighter, but slightly wider and higher-pitched prop. Hopefully the lighter weight (maybe close to the 14g. minimum I was shooting for originally), plus the better prop will get the flying speed down and the flight time up.

The XE5 did fly quite well with the new incidence setup. I was quite pleasantly surprised to have milked 1:16 out of it! However, the revised incidence was mostly intended to make the model recover better from hitting the "ceiling" (rafters), and I never did manage to hit the ceiling today, so I still don't know if the new setup works! I may also try a slightly wider and higher-pitched prop on it as well.

A great day of flying today! Despite the unfortunate absence of two of our leaders - Tom, who was ill, and George, who was gone again, but this time only to the good old US Northwest!!


Dave W. said...

Kermit, thank you for pointing out that mistake (calling the Bostonian a "Big Cat") which I have edited.

The Fat Cat is a good looking plane. I think it could pass for a scale model. Mike told me it is based on the Nesmith Cougar.