Star Date 638.6 recurring

It was a blustery morning at Lakeville, so there was no flying. Ray Bazurto tried his P30 once and it shot down to the pylons and promptly disappeared. When it was found we spent the rest of the morning, well, doing nothing. Here's a photo of Ray and George and Nick doing nothing

So since there's nothing to write about, how about telling us what you think this a rear view of. And please don't tell me about prepositions at the end of sentences.


dave W. said...


planecrazy said...

Aeronca would also be my guess. Maybe either a C-3 or an F.


Tim said...

I suspect its not only an Aeronca C-3 but the Tern Aero Aeronca C-3. For some reason they put the tripod landing gear of an early razorback model onto the rest of a later 'Collegian" (which had cantilever gear).


Tim said...

Oops, I meant the rest of the Aeronca is a "Master."