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This a really good blog. It's always fresh, always unexpected. This mostly down to Dave and Brian's frequent posts that cover local news, and stuff from farther afield, but always relevant to the hobby/pastime/sport/obsession that holds us together. Thank you guys.

Please, if you have anything visual or written that you'd like me to post for you, please email it to marinaeroclub@comcast.net.

Went to the SAM 27 meeting last week. In the raffle I managed to win an old Gollywock. It came from one of the club regulars who had been cleaning out his model loft. I raced home and stripped off the tissue (yes, freeflight rubber is an exciting sport,) fixed a few dings and recovered it in the only color of tissue I have right now - green. A bit drab, I thought, and added a mouth and eye. It's got a Fletcher clockwork timer that trips the stab. There's a folding prop that I don't understand but reckon will work.

I won't replace the dessicated 16 strands of 1/8" rubber but stick to 6 strands of 3/16" - I'm not ready for "muscle rubber".

The model now has left stab tilt and a huge amount of right thrust. It glides perfectly with more incidence than I would have liked. I'm ready to fly, or rather I'm ready to fly the refurbished gollywock on Sunday - better still, with George.

I have tried video on my point and shoot. It's either an amateurish first attempt or a bit of cinema verite depending on your point of view.


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flyin_brian said...

Good Lord! Its the last surviving example of the giant glassy-winged sharpshooter...the state's eradication efforts are futile! heehee

Thanks for the kind words, Tom.
I just know you'll have a blast with the Gollywock.