The FAC Southwest Regional meet has been renamed WESTFAC (Western Region Flying Aces Club). The biennial contest, scheduled in odd-numbered years so as not to conflict with the FAC Nats, will be on September 25-27, 2009 at Gainesville, Texas.

Tom's Fairey Barracuda placed 2nd in the Scale Rubber event at the 2007 FAC Southwest Regional meet at Perris, California.

The MAC contingent in Perris included Tom, George, Dave K, Tyler, Ding, Mike P, and Rod. Our guys won a few awards, but the Texans were the most competitive group. It looks like they are the ones to beat next year, and they will have the home state advantage!

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planecrazy said...

This contest has its own website. Check it out at www.westernfac.com. After you've looked it over and have gawked at the pictures, click on the "sponsors" header. You might find the name of someone you'll recognize. This will be the second time this person has sponsored this event at the Westfac contest.