Sunday indoor meeting

Here are some pics of our September indoor meeting. Most are self explanatory. Included are the world's smallest cloud tramp and a couple of WWII peanuts from Mike L plus Kermit's super biplane - the name of which escapes me. Dave and Tyler both had neat stick biplanes with great WWI camo, and finally, after spending hours trying to figure out what it was we concluded that the red thing is a costume.

Here's Brian's take on the day.

"Hey guys,
Good session on Sunday. Those who couldnt make it were missed.
George managed to make an appearance even though he was severely
jet-lagged...it was good to see you home & safe, George.

My XE5 made its first flights, and weighs in at 12 grams.
I stayed after everyone left, to work on the trim some more,
and had it circling nicely just under the rafters before I left.

Mike got his P-47 trimmed out, it flew nice flat circles.
Tom & Dave K engaged in an epic dogfight over the teakwood
with their WW1 biplanes, I couldn't resist making sound effects."

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