Thank you, Bill

Our friend Bill Hurley has retired from modeling. The main purpose of MAC's meeting yesterday at George's house was to distribute Bill's large collection of model airplanes, kits, plans, literature, tools, and building supplies.

Thirteen of us assembled in George's garage, where we enjoyed coffee and snacks while looking over Bill's stuff. Both cars were parked in the street to make room for many boxes of goodies. Eventually, we drew numbers to determine the order for choosing items; we expected the rotation to continue for many rounds. But for some reason the system broke down after a few minutes and it turned into a free-for-all. To our credit, it remained a polite and orderly free-for-all.

Collectible books and finished models were the first items to be chosen. Most of Bill's airplanes were small scale subjects, often with all control surfaces hinged to aid trimming.

Bill was a prolific builder who started more projects than he completed. He was known for light structures, often using 1/32" square, as seen in the peanut scale Nieuport Triplane above. Those of us who now have Bill's unfinished models are inspired by his craftsmanship to continue his work.

Bill Hurley winding his Guillow's Hellcat in 1992

Another highlight of the meeting was seeing new models by active MAC members. Michael showed us his Ralph Bradley designed Micro Guided Mite which he enlarged to nine inch wing span.

Dave K showed us his peanut scale Fokker D.VII based on the larger scale Rocky Top plans. The ink jet finish on this plane is fantastic!

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