Focus on Free Flight clubs

Clubs are the glue that holds the FF community together.
Without them, we would all be toiling away in near anonimity, as the distance between us is usually considerable, and the popularity of the hobby is second only to stamp collecting!
So, let us take a look at other clubs:

Pensacola Free Flight Team
This club has been active since the 1930's.
A browse through their members gallery shows that they have some very talented modelers...many great pics of awesome models.
Also evident is a high degree of participation in their regularly scheduled events.
One item of special note is the "Articles Index"...a list of methods, tips, hints and ideas that is mind-boggling!
Did you know:
You can make Ambroid from ping pong balls?
Sig dope is now made of urethane ?!
Acetone will no longer be used in Ambroid?!
Some balsa trees are adversely affected by being bent in the wind,
and the damage shows in the finished wood?!
All this and much more can be found on their excellent site:
Pensacola Free Flight Team

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