Help me out!

Let me add my thanks to Bill Hurley for all the booty. As far as I could tell everyone made off with some goodies and a lot of inspiration. I'm now trying to find a magnifying glass that will let me see 1/32" square so that I can finish . . . what I'm sure must be a Loire-Nieuport LN161. (The wing is an incredible fit with the fuselage.)

I'm not so sure about this silhouette . . .

. . there must be someone out there who knows exactly what this is. Otherwise I am doomed to roam the boxes and stacks of plans for eternity. I don't have time for this because I'm building a P47, Zero, Contestor, P30, Jimmie Allen(2), Ar 240, Wyvern(with Contra-rotating prop), Three gliders, and a number of WWI peanuts as well. Oh yes, and an Island Flyer, and another SE5 to replace the one I'm not going to crunch but give to Tyler.



flyin_brian said...

Tom, I'm in the process of sorting through the huge pile of plans that I carted off.

Mr Hurley was a very prolific designer, he drew up plans for many, many aircraft...some quite obscure.
I just wonder why none of them got published somewhere.

Anyway, I'm making a list of whats there, and available for copying.
Also I'll be looking for plans for the planes you mentioned in your post.

Ray Bazurto said...

I see that big blockish rudder and a open cut off nose. I think inline engine or plexglass enclosure. Maybe a twin. So Here's my Guess. Junkers Ju 388 L-0. Hey what can I say.

Ray B.

Ray Bazurto said...


I took another closer look. Forget the my last post.