Name The Plane Contest

Photo by Martin Krupka

The Avia B.534 - this month's mystery plane - was correctly identified by several of our readers:

Jim Moseley - Ontario, Canada
Joshua Finn - Moncks Corner, South Carolina
Flyin' Brian - Santa Rosa, California
Al Backstrom - Fort Worth, Texas
Ray Bazurto - Novato, California
Bob Haley - Livermore, California
Alan West

The Czechoslovakian biplane was an advanced fighter when first flown in 1933, but obsolete by the beginning of the Second World War. The B.534 was used primarily by Germany and its allies, Slovakia and Bulgaria, as a trainer, night fighter, and glider tug. Several variants were produced. Germany converted a few B.534s for testing on the aircraft carrier Graf Zeppelin, which was never completed.

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