Scale matters

I don't believe in the paranormal, but you tell me how the Ghost image appeared on this shot. It's telling us something

When George and I visited Perris for the FAC SW Regionals a couple of years ago, we were ill-prepared for the action. We admired Dave K for getting up early to practice in the field with the rainbirds, and later wished we had too.

Now we're better placed for competing in scale contests. Mike has several, Dave has some promising WWII models, George's Battle is dialed in, Tyler and I have some contenders. So we will have an informal scale contest at our next outdoor meeting (September 14) - please bring any scale model and we'll create a class - peanut, WWII, concours, etc.

In the future we'd like to revive the local FAC squadron and maybe hold our own FAC event.

Tom W

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flyin_brian said...

Awesome image, Tom. Very poignant and thought provoking.
Now you have me motivated to patch up the few scale jobs I have, and join in!