Jimmie Allen and the Gizmo Geezer

Here's Dave K's trunk on the day of the SAM 27/Jimmie Allen Contest organized by Jerry Rocha. Two Skokies, a Hurricane, Chambermaid and Mustang. But count the Gizmos - 5! If that's not a great product endorsement I don't know what is. Dave builds scale and sport. He's a light strong builder (the models, not Dave) and a good flyer. He's not in this shot because he's persistently tuning a new Heinkel.

We were all amazed at how well Tyler had the Guillows Mustang flying.


Five if it's in California.

Here's a J.A. Yellowjacket built in the air by Phobe but given to George, who likes a challenge. He's had some spectacular flights and some a lot less so with the same trim, so it's work in progress.

Mike P has this great J.A. Parasol - check out the hat and the right thrust - and Mike's use of every color of Japanese Tissue but one, with robin's egg blue U/C thrown in for good measure. I'm not sure how well Mike did in the contest, but I saw the Parasol climbing out steeply.

Ding has covered his Bluebird with, well red and yellow. In the background there's a J.A.Special. George mailed the plans to Ding on Monday, and Ding had the Special in the air by Thursday.



Anonymous said...

Hi All
Wonderful pics, I wish I was there (haven't been since 1981, & I [i]miss[/i] the place!). You guys're having way too much fun.
Good to see Dave's quiver of models--I've been doing a little stage-momming with Dave re: Japanese a/c & colors.
Keep up the good blog
Michael J. Heinrich

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