A Challenge

Carlson Aircraft Inc. replica of Piper Skycycle

I have a challenge to issue to anyone and everyone in the MAC. I just today received some copies of some old plans I had ordered quite a while ago (long, boring story!). These plans came as sets, with some plans I wanted and others that were just part of the sets. Included in one of the sets is a two-sheet plan for a 1946 design Megow kit model - the Piper Skycycle. It's a really "unique" airplane, and although it is a low-wing and has a pretty short nose, I think it would make a GREAT looking rubber-powered scale model. It's a pretty good size (24"?), and looks like it could be built reasonably lightly. The plans not only have all of the cut-out parts patterns, they even include the original complete kit instructions.

Here's the challenge: Anyone who feels up to the task and is interested, can have these plans, FREE!!! The only condition is that the person who takes the plans must agree and promise to actually BUILD a model from those plans. Anyone up for it?! Come on, wusses! Take the challenge! You'll be glad you did! Well, maybe! I will bring the plans along with me tomorrow when I come over to Lakeville and if no one claims them then, I will also bring them along with me to St. V's on the 24th.


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planecrazy said...

One small change - the model is actually more like 18" w.s., rather than the 24" I quoted in the original challenge. I does have a pretty wide root chord, however, so the wing area is pretty good. It has a somewhat semi-symmetrical airfoil, so I would not expect it to be a duration record breaker, if you know what I mean! It should make a nice sport flyer however. It does have some "interesting" fuselage shapes, but nothing any half-way accomplished scale gummyband model builder can't handle. The one major problem I could foresee in building this one would be the bubble canopy. To look right, it would probably have to be vacuum-formed or plunge-molded out of light clear plastic. I would consult the experts in this field, specifically Ed S. and his cohorts. Meanwhile, my challenge still stands!