Walkalong Gliders

The walkalong gliders (invented by Tyler MacCready) are gaining in popularity. Some folks are competing...in relay flights, dog fights, and ribbon vaulting.
Also, scale walkalong models are being built now, such as Dave Aronstein's Gotha bomb dropper pictured above.
Someone even built a walkalong B-17


Dave W. said...

What an interesting facet of model aviation. As far as I know, Mike is the only one at MAC to fly one of these planes. His tiny "slope" flyer is something to see. But I never imagined the concept applied to the variety of aircraft types shown on Dave Aronstein's website and video.

flyin_brian said...

I built one from the plans in Flying Models magazine, and I think Richard did also.
They're a quick & easy build, and fun to fly.
Great exercise too!