Island Flyer, part 2

While we're on the subject of Island Flyers, let's not forget George. He has been flying an Island Flyer for many years and is a big fan of the design. The following picture shows George's Island Flyer with its original covering in 1992. This model has been completely recovered since then and is still flying.

When I was ready to build my second FF model (after a thirty year hiatus) I asked George to suggest a design. He thought about it for a moment and said, "I know: the Island Flyer!" If I had any doubt, it was erased by George's enthusiastic suggestion. And it turned out to be good advice.

My Island Flyer was fairly easy to build, and it always showed potential but was inconsistent until recently. As mentioned in the previous post, trimming has been challenging. While the problem was partially related to taking the model apart for transport, other issues (beginner mistakes) included the dethermalizer layout, flying surfaces inadequately keyed to fuselage, and a wobbly nose block. Those things have been corrected and my Island Flyer is much more reliable now.

Dave W.

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Unknown said...

Has anyone electrified an Island Flyer for FF?
If so are details available?