Results of the first MAC International Scale Contest

Although Sunday 14 was a fine flying day, we didn't really have a competitive situation, but we all learned something to help us compete in the future.

George is in Tanzania organizing a postal contest for origami elephants or something like that, so we missed his many fine scale models - and Brian S wasn't able to make it. Mike L and Jerry L spent time trimming Cessna, Volksplane and Consolidated models, but didn't enter any times.

So despite a lot of flying, results were as follows.

Tyler had a fantastic 45 second flight with his P51, but later crash landed, breaking the prop on the Gizmo.

I had 75, 116, 45 and 117 seconds with the dangerous Dayton Wright Racer peanut. My fifth attempt resulted in a tightly wound bunch of rubber (1400 winds)now wrapped around the motor peg way in the back end. I'm waiting until the rubber dries and cracks before trying to remove it, so it could be 2015 before another contest.

Dave K promptly answered with 3 mins 34 and 6 minutes 08 with his peanut Chambermaid. A final 67 second flight with a quarter winds to avoid the OOS had him way out ahead. In third place with his concours Nesmith Cougar was Dave W with 31 and 40 seconds.

My Scale FW TA152 managed 83 and 69 second flights before the motor broke, but once Dave K had the motor length figured out for his Heinkel, it just went on and on.

Here are some pics from Dave W. . . .


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