Who said no man is an Island Flyer?

Here's Dave W with his immaculate Island Flyer. Because it comes disassembled in the "Bike box," trimming is a challenge. But it always proves to be a fine performer - as does Dave with this classic launch posture ....

Here's Gale with his enlarged version. There were a few trimming issues with the tail dragging and flight very uneven and rocky. But whatever Gale did, it now climbs out steeply, circles high and drifts down in a perfect glide - every time.

Jerry and Gale mass launch Island Flyers - always an exciting time for freeflighters as there is a good chance of a mid-air. It didn't happen here and the two models chased each other upwards.

Jerry's Island Flyer on George's stooge. Note the handy coat rack for pilots' uniforms.

You won't see this every day! Dave K fixing warps with Volvo exhaust. Don't try this in the garage.

The gallery.

Finally here's Dave again, showing how a Guillows model takes advantage of mass and gravity to fall on the enemy - with crushing effect.

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Unknown said...

Was wondering if you know of anyone electrifying an "Island Flyer"and if so what they used ie. motor, esc timer.
Thanks for any help you might have,
Paul Morris
SAM 8, Seattle WA