Come in George, wherever you are.

George is in darkest Africa - Tanzania? - having spent the first part of his trip in Zanzibar. He's counting something - elephants maybe, for Greenpeace. So we are reaching out over the wwwaves to show him how much more stylish his safari would be against the backdrop of baobabs in a stunning Ngorogoro sunset if they were wearing the MacHat and the macT, shown here against the backdrop of a valley oak and irrigation line.

And to remind members on this continent that we are attempting a contest of scale rubber freeflight on Sunday. I will not bring the Blackburn - which looks good but flies like a lead balloon.

And you won't see the other creation. The wings from a __________? strapped to an air hog with a stick back to the stab and rudder which came from the same model. It lasted about two hours. Flew great but the stick broke every landing and I got tired of gluing it back and eventually spilled cyano on the tank then on myself as I tried to wipe it off then the paper stuck to me and I got annoyed and crunched the whole thing.

Flew great though.

Happy hunting George.

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Dave W. said...

The MAC gear looks good, Tom.