Sunday Indoor Well Attended

At least 20 people came to Marin Aero Club's second meeting of the year on Sunday. About two-thirds of them brought models to fly, the rest came to watch and hang out with friends. It was an interesting session with many new planes, and some old ones that we haven't seen in a while.

Jason McGuire returned to MAC for the first time in about eight years. This is the prototype of his Twerp design.

See the plane? Tom's Flying Fish Bostonian is one of a kind, his own design.

Phobe's 1/2 scale Baxter Pussycat flew OOS (out of sight) indoors, landing inside the top of an I-beam. Jerry tried unsuccessfully to retrieve it with our telescoping pole.

Brian's sheet balsa Ford Fliver

Jason's Fiat G.50

Phobe with Jerry's Cub

Mike's winter project, the Cessna C-34 posted here in February, is almost complete.

Ed's micro RC Diddle Rod. It has an electric motor and faux cylinder.

Need a balsa shim? George has two different kinds.

Tom's Latécoère 26, a French mail carrier

More of Tom's models. If you look closely, you'll notice the wing from the Latécoère, separated from the plane by a hard landing. The damaged pylon can be fixed easily.

Mike's dime scale P-47

These are the Fether Plane (sic) kits Jim bought on eBay, posted here two weeks ago.

I had a little problem with my Little Richard, absentmindedly putting in the wrong (1/8 inch) rubber motor and watching the plane shoot out of my hand like a rocket. What a surprise! In one second it hit an I-beam, ripping the wing off. The fuselage continued to climb until it hit the ceiling and crashed to the floor, while the separated wing spun around its lateral axis making a slow descent. We all had a good laugh, and I only wish there was a video.

Towards the end of our meeting, Gale dropped by with his new rubber-powered free flight P-47 before taking it up to Lakeville for its maiden flight. You have to see this extraordinary model up close to appreciate how beautifully built it is.

A detail for model builders to appreciate: the P-47's hand-carved, carbon-reinforced prop with freewheeling assembly.

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