Season Opener

It's a good thing we scheduled both of our April meetings inside the gym, because it was pouring rain yesterday in Marin County. We normally alternate outdoor (2nd Sunday of the month) and indoor (4th Sunday) throughout our flying season.

George is always working on something interesting. Here are the bones of a B.A. Swallow he started building after seeing an article about the plane in this month's issue of Flight Journal magazine. The outlines of George's model are based on David Aronstein's plan. George enlarged it from 16-inch wing span to 30 inches and redesigned the structure to provide a more robust airframe.

Mike built a balsa sheet profile BD-8 in a few hours on Saturday night. He didn't have to build the motor stick and prop assembly. He already has one that fits a series of models that he's scratch-built.

While we're on the subject of balsa sheet profile models... Jim built a pair of feather planes (a biplane and a monoplane) from a Japanese kit he found on eBay.

I like the minimalist design of these little airplanes.

And now for the feature you've all been waiting for! A video of Dave K's twin-rubber peanut scale He-219. I started recording this only a moment after launching my Little Richard (which you'll see at the end) and once again I found myself spinning around in the middle of the circular flight path. When will I ever learn?

For some reason, most of the pictures I took yesterday didn't turn out very well. Maybe because I was dizzy from making that video. Tom also had his camera and perhaps he'll post a few more pics. In any case, we'll be flying again in two weeks and will have more to report then.

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