Gale force winds at Lakeville

No, it's not what you may think.

Gale Wagner, renowned East Bay sculptor, continues to amaze us with his flying art.

At first glance this is a scale P47 Razorback, but looking past the obvious you will find much much more. I snuck out of our indoor meeting at St. Vincent's to follow Gale to Lakeville - where his creation tasted and tested the wind and long grass for the first time.

There may be some work needed to get predictable flights, but the art is undeniably vertical take-off, the irony vast, and the beauty as exquisite as David or Narcissus.

The craftsmanship is so out of sight that it is rendered moot and mute.

Gale's Vietnam experiences are spread thickly over this model, and you should let it speak to you.




Jeanne Rhea said...

I saw an article about Gale on the Daily Good site and had to do more online research. I wanted to see his planes and this is the first site I found with photos of them up close. Can you tell me where I can see more?

Dave W said...

You can find several in this blog. I'm not aware of any other websites where you can see them. We'll pass your message along to Gale.