Indoor Flying in Sacramento

Ed and Kermit fly indoors with a group in Sacramento, meeting on the 3rd Thursday of the month at Sacramento Turn Verein (a German exercise club and social organization).

Ed reports: "Chris Borland is instructing a group of middle school kids how to build and fly Science Olympiad models. They are all good flyers and did well in a recent contest with other school groups. They all do about 2 minutes. Some adults fly these also and don't do any better!"

Turn Verein's auditorium has a smooth ceiling about 22 feet above the floor (no girders or hanging lights like we have at St. Vincent's) so models that touch the ceiling are likely to deflect gently downwards. You still need to stay away from the walls, though.

Ed has done about 7 minutes here with his EZB.

Anyone interested in the Sacramento group may email Ed for more information.

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