More highlights from 2009 flying season

The good flying days were infrequent, but we managed to get a few flights in.


Dave W said...

I feel like every day at the field is a good day thanks to the great group of people who belong to Marin Aero Club and SAM 27. I enjoyed the time spent hanging around at Lakeville, waiting for the wind to let up, drinking coffee and talking. The camaraderie is half the fun for me.

Unfortunately our FAC contest was cancelled twice because of high wind. Let's hope that doesn't happen again!

I look forward to seeing everyone next year. Happy holidays!

Azrc said...

Are these Radio Controlled airplanes?

flyin_brian said...

Hi Azrc
These planes are not radio controlled, actually.
They are Free Flight, which means they are built to circle up to altitude and then glide back down, also in a circular fashion.
This is the oldest form of model airplanes, originating in 1871...
long before the Wright brothers' first flight.