Worth more dead than alive.

I thought you'd like to see what a $160 collector's kit looks like when you've turned it into a $5 model. I got the kit recently from Brian and I won't mention the price. Brian - let's talk.

And here's one of the last photographs taken of Jerry Long's Heinkel, just before it disappeared into the blauer Himmel northeast of Lakeville.


Dave W said...

What is the difference between a collector and someone who buys way more kits than he can build? I dunno, this is too philosophical for me.

Tom, that's a neat trick how you transformed Brian's old kit. Nice set o' bones.

Are you saying Jerry's Heinkel went OOS? Too bad. And I understand that Dave K lost his peanut Chambermaid a couple of weeks ago. Occupational hazard I suppose.

flyin_brian said...

no..no Tom, a deals a deal. Besides, its worth it to see the old crow finally reach fledgling status, after all those years of her sitting on the shelf, mocking me...."when will assembly commence?" she would squawk, "I'm not getting any younger".
"When I have the time!" I would fire back, knowing all the while that work will be delayed indefinitely...not enough hours in the day. excuse me, time for my meds