McGuire Quad in the Windy Sock

An updated plan of the McGuire Quadraplane appeared in the March 2009 issue of Windy Sock, newsletter of the Alamo Escadille, and a feature article was published in the April 2009 issue showcasing the "Fantasy Quad" built by Windy Sock editor Joe G. Joseph.

Renewed popularity of Jason McGuire's fantasy flyer started several months ago when several people noticed pictures of George Benson's Quad on this blog and requested plans. We gladly scanned Jason's original drawings, along with some of George's notes and revisions, and posted them here. The scanned drawings occupied seven pages, which is a bit much even for an airplane with so many wings.

Alamo's updated plan has been reduced to two pages! Thank you.

All of the plans published in the Windy Sock are available to download free for several months following publication. After that, archived newsletters and their plans are available for a small fee.

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