May indoor session

5-24-09, another uplifting experience in the house of St Vincent.
Our time in the gym is very limited, so its often a mad flurry of activity as we try to get several models trimmed simultaneously.

George was very pleased to finally get his sidecar model to fly acceptably, being frustrated to the point of scrapping it on previous attempts.

Dave K. had his Fokker triplane flying in a very stable manner...its from the Lee's Hobbies kit.

He also brought along his new dime scale Beech Staggerwing, which is nearly completed.

Tyler was flying an Eindecker with almost no dihedral in the wing, even so, it flew very nicely and appeared to slide into the turns.

Kermit, Ed, Mike and Brian also attended, and a good time was had by all. And then the basketballers chased us out...Blast!

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Dave W said...

Great videos Brian. Tyler and Dave K are going to be tough to beat in the WW1 mass launch.

Those pesky basketball kids. Maybe we should give each of them a Peck ROG kit and try to convert them to our hobby.