Earl Hoffman 1912-2009

We mourn the passing of the eldest member of SAM27 & MAC, Mr Earl Hoffman, at age 96.
Born in Detroit in 1912, he studied aeronautics and meteorology in school, and went on to a 38 year career with the US Weather Bureau.
Earl was an accomplished indoor flyer with more than a few records to his credit. I recall reading that his Symphony design was chosen by the NFFS as one of the ten best models of '87.
Earl participated in several of MACs indoor sessions, despite the limited vertical space in our gym.
I remember him as the picture of concentration as he carefully prepared his incredibly delicate creations... even as errant models crashed all around him. His patience seemed limitless.
Obviously evident is the fact that he had an intense love of modeling...to still be active in the hobby at age 96. He's an inspiration to us all.
Rest in peace, Earl.

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