Tom's Tips & Techniques - or downscaling dangers

OK. Let's suppose you have just switched from building big outdoor rubber to dimescale.

Note that it is smaller and more delicate. Your hands look a lot bigger. In effect, they are. So when you are attaching a paper deck to the nose, remember not to hold it in place while the glue dries with the same grip you would use to say attach 1/16th sheet to 1/8th bulkheads.

Here's the reason why.

The instrument panel former will buckle and snap - stringers too. And you may put a crease in the paper. All will lose you marks in an FAC contest.

Resist the temptation to destroy ("crunch") the model because dime scale are so damn fiddly and frail. And remember, when you rebuild the nose, it's a good time to put right all the other mistakes you made.

Let's all build dime scale for a contest in the spring. Should we all build the same model? Should we suggest a postal contest with our overseas readers and then steal their models?

Happy Hols



Dave W. said...

I'm in favor of allowing any design that qualifies under FAC's dime scale rules. It would be fun to see a bunch of different models.

Anonymous said...

I think we should all build something different. I think there might even be a Dime Typhoon plan for Tom if he is still looking to build one.